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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blog Surfing

I ran across an article on the DealBook blog on It was about Joshua Perskey. He made some news during the summer, when out of work for a period of time, decided to take a different approach to his job search. He stood on Park Ave in New York City for a week, handing out resumes while wearing a sandwich board that said “Experienced MIT Grad for Hire”. Well, he landed a job. It seems that this stunt attracted world wide attention, and he created a blog to document his experience. A recruiter showed a contact the blog, and eventually Joshua landed a job doing valuation work.

This just goes to show you that in this environment, do whatever you can to get noticed. He was interviewed by MSNBC and Fox, which lead to requests for updates on his search, thus the creation of his blog and the opportunities it brought his way, namely his new job and new popularity.

While reading his blog, I came across a link for a blog titled I’m on Linkedin, now what. This blog is an invaluable resource to learn about the many options and features available to LinkedIn members. I did not know all that is available to use on your profile. For instance, you can have your blog entries streamed to your profile, and have slide show presentations on there as well. You can use the slide show as another way to advertise yourself, if you are job hunting, or use it to promote your accomplishments.

I know it is simple and common sense, but it is amazing what you can find on the net just reading others blogs, clicking the links or linking to commenter’s web pages.

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