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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Travel Options for Atlantic City

There are 2 new travel options for getting to Atlantic City that might help make Atlantic City continue its desired transformation into Las Vegas East.

Beginning on Feb 6 will be weekend train service between New York’s Penn Station and Atlantic City. The service is called ACES, Atlantic City Express Service. It will offer leather seating, a lounge and food and beverage options. Their will also be a first-class section. Upon arrival in Atlantic City, there is complimentary shuttle service to Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Caesars Atlantic City and Harrah's Resort, the three casinos’s underwriting this service. The trip is expected to take 2 and ½ hours. You might say, why pay for the train when it takes the same amount of time to drive down? Well, as long as the schedule fits, you can relax on the way down, or start your party early. If you are going down with the boys or the girls for a weekend party, what better way to get it started? Make friends on the way down, and …hey you never know. On the way back, you don’t have to worry about driving back with that raging hangover. This will definitely bring in the younger, disposable income crowd from NYC that three casinos mentioned would LOVE to come and spend, spend, spend. They party and spend in Vegas, now they might try AC a little more.

If you are in Boston, you can now fly to AC on Sprit Airlines. Starting May 1, Spirit will have one fight a day in each direction. The flight will take 90 minutes. Just in time for the summer peak season.

With AC casino revenues down for the year, they need all available options to bring in new people. What better way than to offer new modes of transportation that will probably be utilized more by the hip, younger crowd, so AC can move away from the Grey Haired day tripper set to a younger free spending, over night tourist.

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